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Heyes Surveyors

Heyes Chartered Surveyors provide home surveys for all types of houses.

The Brief

They wanted a website to let their customers know what surveys they provide and wanted to encourage new customers to get a survey quote.To achieve this the quote action button was highlighted green in the sticky header which hugs the top of the screen as you scroll, and at the bottom of each service there is a quick action button that takes you to the quote form. Another feature that was added was TrustPilot, this is great to show honest reviews creating a trust factor to the company.

Services Provided

  • Web Design & Development

The Website

User experience on mobile and tablet devices in the modern day are of great importance, including design, development and functionality. It was key that everything worked and looked good on all devices.

The about page is informative and laid out so it's easy to read, with key action buttons at the top. Friendly and colourful images add a distinct look and feel. The FAQ is clean and tidy which is key for responsive devices. This way the answers will only open when the user clicks on the question they want answering.

The client also wanted to make sure that customers could find out easily where they provided coverage. By adding each location to a list we were able use Google maps to pin point each area and provide a drop down location for easy alphabetical search.