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KW Hairdressing

KW Hairdressing is a hair salon with a well established clientele. They wanted to update their old outdated website and bring it to the 21st Century.

The Brief

It was key that the design and functionality reflected their modern business. As does fashion and beauty have to be constantly renewed so did their website. I wanted to make sure that the website looked and performed innovatively and had an artist flair to it.

Services Provided

  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design

The Website

To make the website chic and trendy we used bold pictures and design. We chose a font that was different and sharp. To give it that extra wow factor we rotated all main headings, this created a real visual artistic flair. We also took the orange element of the logo and added splashes of orange paint through out the site to really make it pop. Another element that makes this site modern is replacing the typical navigation with a simple action button which opens out a side menu. Less clutter and more style.

The main focus for the website are salon's price lists. So having a clean but bold design helped the text stand out. To aid the user further we separated the list with white and light grey so it was clear what price went with what service. We also added tabs for the sub menu to catagorise each section to keep things tidy and easy to find.

Graphic Design

As well as designing their website we also produced posters and flyers for them. Here is one we've done recently advertising a new hair treatment. We made sure the call to action section was bright and prominent.

KW Hairedressing also wanted a business card for the salon for new and returning customers. The back was given lines so the client could write down appointments or any additional notes. We originally wanted to chose a picture of a model for the front design but in the end we chose a picture of the salon because this will never out date where as hair styles comes and go.

"Lantec produced us a brand new modern website for our hair salon and looks miles better than our old version. Over the years Jo designed and produced some brilliant prints from hair salon flyers to our stylish new business card. I have never worked with anyone in this field who is as amazing as Jo, from communication, positivity and just auctioning. The team have been really helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. Myself and the team hugely appreciated all their help." – Katie, Salon Director