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Limitless Triathlon

Limited Triathlon is a team of experienced triathletes training other triathletes.

The Brief

They wanted a website that promoted a friends and family community. It was key that it showed the latest news and social media, and provided different services for whatever lifestyle.

Triathlon is made up of 3 stages, so I used swimming, cycling and running pictures for the slider. I also used logos from key triathlon events to show that the coaches are experienced. For the design I chose to add a ripped texted to the bottom of the slider and other banners to give an off road, rough terrain look, similar to how triathlons can be.

Services Provided

  • Web Design & Development

The Website

For the services page I wanted to keep it clean and easy to read. Each service link is interactive by hovering over it gets darker and zooms in a little. I used the same design layout for the coaches page.

I split up the text into sections to give the customer an easy guide on what the plan is and what it includes. I used ticks and crosses as bullet points and numbered each stage of the plan. I also added a quick action button at the top which scrolls you to the bottom where the plan prices are. This is important so customers can find what they're looking for quickly and I highlighted the more favored plan in a bright green to make it pop out more than the other plan. All training plans included an app to keep track of progress so it was key to show mock ups of what it offered. I put it along side a photo of a triathlete to make it more visual and relatable.


"Lantec have built two websites for me in the last 5 years, the first a personal one as an elite triathlete and the second as a triathlon coach for my coaching company Limitless Triathlon Coaching. Both the websites have been instrumental in promoting me and my business. The attention to detail, professionalism and the personal contact from all the personnel at Lantec was second to none. The meetings were always constructive with Jo the designer taking me step by step through the process to ensure the website was exactly what was needed. The continued support from Jo is exceptional with nothing being too much trouble. I couldn't recommend them highly enough and would only use them for all my website needs" – Joe Duckworth, founder of Limitless Triathlon