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Play Media World

Play Media World is a supplier of SONOS speakers and Flexson accessories.

The Brief

The client wanted us the update their old website and improve their customer service by having support guides. Products needed to be easy to find and for customers to understand the difference in models.

Services Provided

  • Web Design & Development
  • eCommerce

The Website

We moved away from their previous 2 slider and chose one banner image to promote their latest product or offer. By doing this it'll give it a fresher look and will create a new look for returning clients. On the the homepage we needed to include key areas that new and old customers would be looking for. To promote the support side of the website we added a video of 'how to set up your SONOS speaker' with it being the most common question. It is user friendly by being instantly viewable but also visually pleasing with it being the same size as the corresponding image on the right. We also added an action button to view more videos because most guides are favored as videos rather than text. Another brand that is featured on the website is Flexon so it was important to have a prominent link especially for customers who don't know of their products.

On the client's old website the help pages were divided into stand alone pages with side links. This was very user unfriendly and hard to navigate. To solve this problem it was turned into articles so the customer can navigate easily and can even narrow down the search by clicking on a category or can type in a keyword into the search bar. This section has drastically improved.