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The Vinden Partnership

The Vinden Partnership operate in property and construction and are well established company for over 21 years.

The Brief

They wanted to update their old website and make it more appealing and attractive. This was a huge project ranging from 13 services, adjudication cases, case studies and articles. We designed a website that would engage users with a balance between visuals and calls to action.

Services Provided

  • Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Illustration

The Website

A very modern, clean, visual site was key. The Vinden Partnership are based around the UK. We chose a striking image of London cityscape for the main landing page image, which subtly shows the development of the new rising buildings. Also on the homepage and main banners we added a white inner border inspired by their blocky logo. This really adds character and design.

Each service page included a lot of text and I didn't want to bombard or bore the user with too much. So to make it easier to digest it was split into sections. The main bulk of the text was split into two columns, making it clearly spaced and more readable. To also add a personal touch and help break up the text more, a quote was taken from the team leader. This will give the user a open approach and gain more trust.

Vinden Team Illustrations

One of the requests by the Managing Director was to resemble the design from the Thunderbirds characters. So we incorporated their iconic eyes and big lips into their features. Each face has their own identity and character. Adding small features like crease lines really brought them to life and help differentiate them.